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Dr. Steven Barker Awarded the Society for Technology in Anesthesia’s J.S. Gravenstein Award for Lifetime Achievement


IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 19, 2016-- Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) announced today that a member of its Board of Directors, Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board, and its Chief Science Officer, Steven Barker, Ph.D., M.D., was honored with the 2016 J.S. Gravenstein Award recognizing lifetime achievement at this month’s Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA) Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida.

“We selected Dr. Barker as the recipient of the Gravenstein Award because of his years of innovation, instruction and service,” said Dr. Joseph Orr, President of the STA. “Dr. Barker is a rare combination of training in the physical sciences (Ph.D. in aerospace engineering) and in medicine. Over the years, he has been able to apply his training, research and talent to study and improve medical monitoring devices. Through his collaboration with Masimo, Dr. Barker’s work has improved technology available for clinical anesthesia practice.”

The STA was founded in 1988 and is an international organization of physicians, engineers, students and others with an interest in anesthesia-related technologies. The organization also publishes the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia. Each year, the STA bestows the J.S. Gravenstein Award for lifetime achievement in the area of technology in anesthesia. The J.S. Gravenstein Award is named for J.S. “Nik” Gravenstein (1925-2009), a founding member and former president of the STA. For over thirty years, Dr. Gravenstein was a driving force in advancing anesthesia technology, patient simulation and anesthesia patient safety.

“This is a great honor and we are very proud of Steve,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “He has always been at the forefront of technology development and research in every area of anesthesia, but what sets Steve apart is his commitment to the truth and integrity. His work has contributed to improving quality of care and patient safety around the world.”

Steven J. Barker, Ph.D., M.D., received his Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1972, and his M.D. from the University of Miami in 1981. He has reached the rank of tenured professor in both engineering (University of California at Los Angeles) and anesthesiology (University of California at Irvine, University of Arizona). He chaired the Department of Anesthesiology at UC Irvine from 1990 to 1995, and then at the University of Arizona from 1995 to 2013. He has published over 150 scholarly works, including 15 textbook chapters. Dr. Barker has served as president of the national organization of anesthesiology department chairs (AAPD) and of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA), senior oral examiner for the American Board of Anesthesiology, and Section Editor for Technology for the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia. During his 18-year tenure as anesthesiology chair at the University of Arizona, Dr. Barker was active in a number of governance roles outside of his department. He also served seven years as the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Director for Academic Anesthesiology, representing all university anesthesiology departments for ASA. Since 2005, Dr. Barker has been a member of Masimo’s Board of Directors and Chairman of Masimo’s Scientific Advisory Board. In 2015, Dr. Barker also took on the role of Chief Science Officer of Masimo.

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Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI) is a global leader in innovative noninvasive monitoring technologies. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care by taking noninvasive monitoring to new sites and applications. In 1995, the company debuted Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry, which has been shown in multiple studies to significantly reduce false alarms and accurately monitor for true alarms. The benefits of Masimo SET® have been proven in more than 100 independent and objective studies and it is estimated to be used on more than 100 million patients in leading hospitals and other healthcare settings around the world. In 2005, Masimo introduced rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry technology, allowing noninvasive and continuous monitoring of blood constituents that previously could only be measured invasively, including total hemoglobin (SpHb®), oxygen content (SpOC™), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO®), methemoglobin (SpMet®), and more recently, Pleth Variability Index (PVI®) and Oxygen Reserve Index (ORI™), in addition to SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index (PI). In 2014, Masimo introduced Root®, an intuitive open architecture patient monitoring and connectivity platform designed to speed the pace of innovation and reduce the cost of care. Masimo is also taking an active leadership role in mHealth with products such as the Radius-7™ wearable patient monitor and the MightySat™ fingertip pulse oximeter. Additional information about Masimo and its products may be found at

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