Masimo SET Pulse Oximetry Expanded into Welch Allyn Patient Monitoring Devices

May 17, 2007
Spot Vital Signs ® and Propaq ® LT Devices Extend Masimo SET Read-Through Motion SpO2 Monitoring Capabilities to More Patients in More Settings

Skaneateles, NY, May 16, 2007 - Welch Allyn, a leading global manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, and Masimo Corporation, the inventor of Pulse CO-Oximetry and Read-Through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry, have partnered to incorporate Masimo SET pulse oximetry into new versions of the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs and Welch Allyn Propaq LT devices.  The two devices allow clinicians to effectively spot check and monitor patients in multiple acuity settings within the hospital and can be easily configured for efficient, safe and accurate operation by caregivers with varying levels of training and sophistication.

Masimo SET is the most accurate and reliable pulse oximetry technology in the world, clinically proven in more than 100 independent and objective studies to provide the most trustworthy arterial blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements even under the most difficult clinical conditions, including patient motion and low peripheral perfusion. These studies prove Masimo SET delivers improvements in outcomes, safety and efficiency while decreasing costs.

"We are very pleased to extend our current business relationship with Masimo as we strive to offer our customers the safest and most accurate monitoring technologies available," said Doug Linquest, executive vice president, Monitoring and Defibrillation at Welch Allyn.  "By continuing to integrate Masimo SET  pulse oximetry technology into our extensive line of spot-check and monitoring systems, we are able to give caregivers the capability to monitor SpO2 in more patients in places they never thought possible."

Spot Vital Signs is a fully automated, multiparameter spot-check device that captures non-invasive blood pressure measurements using the oscillometric method.  In addition to a pulse oximetry option, it also offers Welch Allyn's SureTemp® fast predictive thermometry which gives providers the option of performing oral, axillary or rectal temperature readings.  Spot Vital Signs can also transfer data from the device into patients' medical records via an infrared connection designed to interface with the Welch Allyn Connex™ Data Management System.

The Propaq LT patient monitor can be used in a number of bedside, transport and ambulatory applications.  It is deployable in areas in and outside the hospital, and comes equipped to monitor heart rate, 3- or 5-lead ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, and respiration with an easy-to-use interface.  It features a full-color LCD screen and can be configured for use on neonatal, pediatric and adult patients.  The Propaq LT can be operated in standalone mode or wirelessly networked to Welch Allyn's Acuity Central Monitoring Station, and it can easily download data to a PC and customer Electronic Medical Records (EMR.)

"One of Welch Allyn's top priorities is to bring patient monitoring to the presently unmonitored bed, which makes up over eighty percent of today's hospital beds," added Linquest.  "These beds are typically general care or medical-surgical beds and require advanced and connected spot-check vital signs devices. The new Propaq LT monitor effectively bridges the gap (cost, size and complexity) between today's continuous patient monitors and spot-check devices like Spot Vital Signs that offer even more comprehensive clinical benefits to the unmonitored bed."

"This partnership confirms the strength of our business relationship with Welch Allyn and the commitment of both companies to bring best in class patient monitoring technology to new clinical sites," said Joe E. Kiani, Chairman and CEO of Masimo Corporation. "We are happy that by partnering with Welch Allyn, we can offer the proven benefits of Masimo SET pulse oximetry to more clinicians and patients in more diverse clinical settings."

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About Welch Allyn
Welch Allyn, Inc. was founded in 1915 and is today a leading manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps. Headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, New York, USA, Welch Allyn employs more than 2,300 people and has numerous manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities located throughout the world. Additional information on Welch Allyn and its products may be found at

About Masimo
Masimo develops innovative monitoring technologies that significantly improve patient care-helping solve "unsolvable" problems. In 1995, the company debuted Read-Through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry, known as SET and with it virtually eliminated false alarms and increased pulse oximetry's ability to detect life-threatening events. More than 100 independent clinical studies have confirmed that Masimo SET technology allows clinicians to accurately monitor blood oxygen saturation in critical care situations-establishing the technology as the "gold standard" pulse oximetry and substantially contributing to improved patient outcomes. In 2005 Masimo introduced Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry, which, for the first time, noninvasively monitors the level of carbon monoxide and methemoglobin in the blood, allowing early detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions. Masimo, founded in 1989, has the mission of "Improving Patient Outcomes and Reducing Cost of Care by Taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and Applications." Additional information about Masimo and its products may be found at

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