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Fukuda Denshi and Masimo Announce Pulse Oximetry Purchasing and Licensing Agreement

ukuda Denshi's Dynascope DS-7300 Bedside Monitor is released with Masimo SET®

April 18, 2006 -Fukuda Denshi Co. (Tokyo, Japan) and Masimo (Irvine, CA) today announced a purchasing and licensing agreement under which Fukuda Denshi will integrate Masimo Signal Extraction pulse oximetry technology (SET) into its future patient monitors.  Fukuda Denshi is a leader in the research, development, manufacture and sale of patient monitors and medical devices.  Masimo is the inventor of Pulse CO-Oximetry™ and Read-Through Motion and Low Perfusion Pulse Oximetry.

Fukuda Denshi and Masimo also announced the availability of the Masimo SET technology in Fukuda Denshi's Dynascope DS-7300 bedside monitor.  The DS-7300 will incorporate all monitoring parameters contained in the Masimo SET Radical® pulse oximeter, including Perfusion Index (PI) a relative assessment of blood flow at the monitoring site and Signal IQ™ (SIQ) technology, which allows clinicians to continuously monitor pulse identification and signal quality during low perfusion and patient motion conditions.

Masimo SET technology has been clinically proven in many independent studies to be accurate during patient motion and low perfusion.  Studies show that Masimo SET has virtually eliminated false alarms while enhancing the ability to detect true alarms.

Kotaro Fukuda, President of Fukuda Denshi stated, "After a thorough review of all pulse oximetry technologies available in the marketplace, we concluded that Masimo SET is simply the best oximetry technology available for critical care.  Masimo SET improves the performance and reliability of pulse oximetry measurement by substantially reducing the problems of motion artifact, low peripheral perfusion and most low signal-to-noise situations.  We are proud to be able to offer this breakthrough technology to our customers."

"Fukuda Denshi is a leader in patient monitoring because they consistently seek to provide best-in-class technology in their monitoring solutions, "said Joe E. Kiani, CEO and Chairman of Masimo. "The Dynascope DS-7300 with Masimo SET is yet another example of Fukuda Denshi's commitment to improving patient outcomes by giving clinicians access to leading-edge technologies. Fukuda Denshi has a history of leadership in patient monitoring technologies that extends for over half a century.  We are honored to have been selected as Fukuda Denshi's pulse oximetry platform, and to share in their tradition of excellence."
About Masimo

Masimo develops innovative monitoring technologies that significantly improve patient care- helping solve "unsolvable" problems.  In 1995, the company debuted Read-Through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry, known as SET, and with it virtually eliminated false alarms and increased pulse oximetry's ability to detect life-threatening events.  Over 70 independent clinical studies have confirmed that Masimo SET technology allows clinicians to accurately monitor blood oxygen saturation in critical care situations.  In 2005 Masimo introduced Rainbow SET and with it, Pulse CO-Oximetry, which, for the first time, noninvasively monitors the level of carbon monoxide and methemoglobin in the blood, allowing early detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions.

Masimo, founded in 1989, has the mission of "Improving Patient Outcome and Reducing Cost of Care by Taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and Applications."  Additional information about Masimo and its products may be found at

Masimo, SET, Signal Extraction Technology and Improving and Reducing Cost of Care by Taking Noninvasive Monitoring to New Sites and Applications are registered trademarks of Masimo Corp.  Rainbow and Pulse CO-Oximetry are trademarks of Masimo Labs.

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About Fukuda Denshi

Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1939 as Fukuda Special Medical Electric Co. by the late Takashi Fukuda (former chairman of the board of directors) who took part in the development of Japan's first electrocardiograph in 1935.  Now, the company has the sales points not only in each region of Japan but also throughout the world, and is well known as "Electrocardiograph's Fukuda" in the world.  In addition, through technical and marketing tie-ups with domestic and foreign enterprises, the company is developing the business from the examination field to therapeutic equipment, home medicine and emergency lifesaving fields.  Fukuda Denshi acquired the approval to the international standard ISO 9001 for quality system in 1995 and the approval to the international standard ISO 14001 for environment management system in 2003.

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